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    Welcome to Tiny Tot's Academy

    Tiny Tot's Academy is a english medium school, at the Bhagwati Colony. Children are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process and they take part in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. It is our belief that early childhood should be a time for exploring, curiosity, discovery, experimentation, and fun. Young children also need to feel that they are loved, safe, and well cared for in their world. We define our early childhood program as one that meets the needs of the children as well as promotes their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Through a varied curriculum, we strive to teach each child at his or her developmental level. Since the children learn in many different ways, the curriculum helps the visual learner, the auditory learner, and the tactile learner to succeed. Our professional staff is trained in early childhood education; they also attend annual conferences and classes to enhance their teaching abilities. Our main goal at Tiny Tot's Academy is to provide a high standard of education, disciplined children academically, socially and morally so that they can be outstanding citizens of India. If you are a parent looking for a place where your child will grow the best,look no further, talk to us now.

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      About Tiny Tots

      Our Mission

      Our Vision is the Vision of Swami vivekanand. He says "Education is not the amount of information that is put into our brain and runs riot there,Undigested all our life.We must have life-building,Man-making,Character - Making education." We belive in lence" which means to us :-Consistent Progressive effort to keep pace with the evolving needs of society and work place and successful learning in students.

      Office Hours

      1.General 7:00 a.m - 12:00 pm
      2.Winter 8:00 a.m - 01:00 pm
      3.The principal can be interviewed between 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m by spl. appointment.
      4.No School Bussiness will be transacted during Saturdays/Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Mr. .............................

    Director, Tiny Tots, Chas

    Each child is like a flourishing sapling requires care and nourishing to blossom. it is our constant Endeavour to provide ample intellectual stimulation to ignite young minds to think and help them to flower into responsible aware citizens of tomorrow.... Read more

    Mr. .............................

    Principal, Tiny Tots, Chas

    This is the time, when we offer “Unto Him Our Best”. While expanding our strength in terms of infrastructure and number of students, our focus would remain on excellence through effective implementation for holistic development...Read more